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uMatrix UPDATE!! v.1.4.3b0

Author: Dan
Date: 20/07/2021

Very good news!!! uMatrix is "back"!
gorhill is giving us another update for his very helpful Firefox and Chromium addon!
The last update was already more than a year ago - Feb 25, 2020
It's great to see that he still cares about his addon.


Proxmox BS 2.0 released!

Author: Dan
Date: 14/7/2021

Proxmox has released a new update for their backup server - v2. It also includes Debian 11 "Bullseye".
I use it in a vm in combination with an 8tb external drive. It works great for the vms and other x86_64 and aarch64 systems, but not for ARM so far. Which is a pain because I have a few pis running.
Anyway, give it a try! The backup is really simple:
Arch Client
Backup Client Usage
Release Notes

The update is also very simple. Just follow the link:
Upgrade from 1.1 to 2.x

Arch Linux & php version 8

OPNsense 21.1.8 released

Author: Dan
Date: 11/07/2021

OPNsense has released a new update - v21.1.8.
As usual on my side, the update went through without a hitch.

The code moves to PHP 7.4 as previously announced. Shipped alongside are a few updates and fixes that still make sense for the 21.1 series.
Release Notes

If you want to check 21.7-RC1:
Later today, 21.7-RC1 is going to be released as well and you can make the upgrade from the development release type where the bulk of current improvements is being included.
Release Notes - 21.7-RC1


Proxmox VE 7.0 released!

Author: Dan
Date: 7/7/2021

Proxmox has released a new update - v7.
It already includes the move to Debian 11 "Bullseye".
Release Notes

The update is pretty straightforward. Just follow the link:
Upgrade from 6.x to 7.0

Arch Linux & php version 8

PwOSS is just on hold

Author: Dan
Date: 04/07/2021

As you probably noticed, nothing happens with PwOSS anymore. The reason is simple.
No time and people come and go.
But thanks to the two who helped with some text in the wiki (Joshua) and logo, script etc. pp (Adam).

And myself, like the other two, I am very busy with work and other life stuff. But that doesn't mean pwoss is going down or anything. I use the services too. So I'll keep them up and running.

The servers are updated on a Sunday morning around 9am - New Zealand (GMT+12). This includes a reboot as pwoss runs on Arch Linux and the kernel is also usually updated weekly.



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