Android – New Email Client (FairEmail)

New Application of M66B

(He has already made some privacy-friendly applications XPrivacy, XPrivacyLUA, NetGuard.)

Thank you very much for the great software and fast support!

He started this project only a few months ago. XDA - "Created 2018-08-02" and it's already a good client for our Android phone!


Main features

  • 100 % open source
  • Multiple accounts (inboxes)
  • Multiple identities (outboxes)
  • Unified inbox
  • Flat conversation threading
  • Two way synchronization
  • Offline storage and operations
  • Battery friendly
  • Low data usage
  • Material design


Pro features

  • Signatures
  • Dark/black theme
  • Account/identity colors
  • Reply templates
  • Search on server
  • Preview sender/subject/photo in new message notifications
  • Encryption/decryption (OpenPGP)
  • Export settings



XDA - link, GitHub - link and

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