`base` group replaced by mandatory `base` package – manual intervention required

Update: October 19, 2019.
The ISO's (Desktop & Server) are working again. All necessary pkgs have been added.
Additionally all necessary pkgs for the server, which were included in the documentation files, have been added as well. All settings for the server will be done later.

Download - Server ISO
Download - Desktop ISO

Git - Server ISO
Git - Desktop ISO

From the 9th of October.

The base group has been replaced by a metapackage of the same name. We advise users to install this package (pacman -Syu base), as it is effectively mandatory from now on.

Users requesting support are expected to be running a system with the base package.

Be aware that base as it stands does not currently contain:

  • A kernel
  • An editor
    ... and other software that you might expect. You will have to install these separately on new installations.


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This also means that currently no PwOSS - ISO works. We will first look at all the removed packages and then choose which ones to include. So it will take some time.