Author: Daniel
Date: 04/07/2021
Category: PwOSS

As you probably noticed, nothing happens with PwOSS anymore. The reason is simple.
No time and people come and go.
But thanks to the two who helped with some text in the wiki (Joshua) and logo, script etc. pp (Adam).

At the moment it's a one man army project again. But I will continue to say "we", so don't be scared when I talk about pwoss in plural 😉

And myself, like the other two, I am very busy with work and other life stuff. But that doesn't mean pwoss is going down or anything. I use the services too. So I'll keep them up and running.

The servers are updated on a Sunday morning around 9am - New Zealand (GMT+12). This includes a reboot as pwoss runs on Arch Linux and the kernel is also usually updated weekly.

I'm also thinking of moving all the git repos to gitlab. Maybe we can find some people there.
Anyway, that's not going to happen anytime soon.

So you can at least still expect the services, but there won't be much new or any changes on, .

I'm looking forward to getting some free time for PwOSS. But until then, just enjoy the services.