Gollum/Wiki update to version 5.1.1 – How to update

Compare revision problem is solved if the edit mode is deactivated - github.com/gollum


Gollum 5.1.1 - Update process


Update gem packages

gem update


Sanitize message

If by clicking the " Edit" button, a sanitize message "... Hello World..."appears, make a backup of your templates folder and copy the updated templates again:

mv ~/your/wiki/path/public/templates ~/your/wiki/path/public/templates.backup
cp -r ~/.gem/ruby/2.7.0/gems/gollum-5.*/lib/gollum/templates ~/your/wiki/path/public/templates

Test it and copy your data back one by one. Compare the new files with the old ones with KDE's Kompare or whtaever you prefer. Delete your backup when everything is running.


git commit changes

git add .
git commit -m "update Gollum/Wiki to version 5.1.1"


Restart gollum.service

sudo systemctl restart gollum.service


Clean gem

If everything works, you can clean your old files/versions of Gollum and other software.
gem clean



If you haven't tried the Gollum Wiki yet, check out the tutorial and go to PwOSS - Wiki if you want to help. We've updated it already, just pull it.

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