Magisk v20.1 and Magisk Manager v7.4.0 introduces new hiding mode for Android 9+ devices

You probably updated it already ff you're running it on your phone.


The new hiding mode part of the Magisk Manager v7.4.0 ensures that associated packages remain undetected by means of a “heavily obfuscated stub APK.” The resources required to run the Manager will be downloaded into its internal files of the stub app and loaded whenever you need to use the full Manager app. You can also change the name of the app while hiding it.


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Magisk v20.1

[MagiskSU] Support component name agnostic communication (for stub APK)
[MagiskBoot] Set proper header_size in boot image headers (fix vbmeta error on Samsung devices)
[MagiskHide] Scan zygote multiple times
[MagiskInit] Support recovery images without /sbin/recovery binary. This will fix some A/B devices unable to boot to recovery after flashing Magisk
[General] Move acct to prevent daemon being killed
[General] Make sure “–remove-modules” will execute after removal

Magisk Manager v7.4.0

Hide Magisk Manager with stub APKs on Android 9.0+
Allow customizing app name when hiding Magisk Manager
Generate random keys to sign the hidden Magisk Manager to prevent signature detections
Fix fingerprint UI infinite loop