PwOSS News – September`19

News, news, news.



We have created our own ISO for the desktop and also for the server - what Adam did a few months ago, but it has been redesigned and has been upgraded to the same level as the desktop ISO.

The big difference is that the complete installation can be done with LUKS encryption (incl. LVM) and with 2 hard disks. But it is selectable with encryption or not and 1HDD or 2HDD installation. The installation process of Arch and the future installation of the services with all configuration files is much faster than the Copy & Paste solution at the moment.
But we will need more time to get a fully functional server/desktop ISO with all configurations and connections to each other (Desktop <=> Server). But the base is there and can be built upon. That's really great!

The good thing is also, if you don't even want something from the PwOSS "idea", you can still create your own ISO with the PwOSS script (but without PwOSS content), just for yourself and with your own favorite packages.
You can also select your favorite desktop environment.

Our plan is to support KDE (high performance) and Xfce (low performance) computers.

The complete ISO explanation can be found at desktop & server.


PwOSS - Wiki



We have explained a little more about PwOSS in general.

All new questions and answers will be added from time to time.



We've started some more explanations about using Matrix, but it can still get more content. We are working on it.



Gitea has a complete explanation of how to use it. If we missed something, please let us know.



The main thing, and it may still need some explanation, is how to use the PwOSS wiki in general and how to create or change wiki pages.
The wiki page also includes the installation of the wiki itself on your own computer.