[Stable Update] 2019-07-17 – Kernels, KDE, Browsers, Systemd, Octopi, LibreOffice


There's no problems here. Again a simple update.

This update holds the following changes:

  • Most of our Kernels got updated
  • Octopi is now at the latest git-commit 8. Report back of any regressions.
  • Calamares got needed security fixes 5. If you want to use luks encryption, we strongly recommend 18.1-rc4 or later!
  • Latest version of Firefox and Wine
  • Plasma5 is now at 5.16.3 23
  • KDE Apps are now at 19.04.3 7
  • KDE Frameworks is now at 5.60 8
  • some of XFCE, Gnome and Cinnamon packages got updated
  • A new LibreOffice release is out 26
  • Latest version of Mesa 15 got added
  • Firefox is now at 68.0 1 - This got also pushed to our stable branch.
  • Thunderbird is now at 60.8 2
  • Some regular package updates like Haskell, Evolution and Xorg
  • Latest efforts by KDE can be reviewed via our current KDE-Dev ISO 4
  • Manjaro Juhraya ISOs got updated, including snap support pre-activated: XFCE 9, KDE 7, Gnome 4

Give us the usual feedback and let us know what you think about this update.

More at forum.manjaro.org


Check post three if you have any problems.